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As an adult, I prefer Easter to Halloween from a candy standpoint.  As a child, it was the opposite.

Going on an Easter Egg hunt was too stressful for me.  I hated being in competition to get candy.  It was easier to go door to door and beg for some candy than to have to find it before my sister did. Luckily, for most of my childhood, it was only the two of us when  searching for those brightly colored candy filled plastic eggs. 

Of course, I didn’t think about that, there might as well have been 50 kids like at those public egg hunts.  It was so stressful!  Not only did I want as much chocolate as I could get, but I hate competing.  I have to win and that’s not fun.

I don’t remember looking for eggs outside much.  When I was little, we lived back East and the weather tended to be inclement, so the Easter Bunny usually hid our eggs inside.  In fact, I remember one Easter at my Great Aunt’s house when EB hid a blue plastic egg in the mouth of a mounted boar’s head in the basement.  My sister was too freaked out to get it, so it was all mine.  Bravery has its rewards even for a chocolate jonesing child.

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