>Christmas Stuff to do at Work

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>Since I refuse to do any work at work tomorrow, I have listed a few sites I will be frequenting:

Northpole.com’s Santa Tracker – Please enjoy the random celebrities talking about NORAD tracking Santa. Who the hell is Bubbles anyway?

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Cam – If you click on the live feed, it plays soothing Christmas music to lull you into a false sense of security.

Christmas Recipes – I have to bring an appetizer to my Grandmother’s house for Christmas Eve, so I need to find something simple. I’ll probably end up buying a nut covered cheese ball and a box of crackers. It’s perfect because my whole family is crazy.

My Space – The Night Before Christmas game is a great way to waste time.

One good thing, I have Friday and Monday off. Merry Christmas to me!

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2 thoughts on “>Christmas Stuff to do at Work

  1. Michael

    >Bubbles is a character on a Canadian TV show called ‘The Trailer Park Boys’. He’s a minor Canadian celebrity.


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