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I feel sorry for adults who don’t like video games. 

One of the great things about Christmas was getting toys.  As an adult, society frowns upon me asking for a Barbie, Play-Doh, or Lincoln Logs as a gift.  Heck that frowning started as early as 12 years old even though I still longed to play with toys whilst the winds of puberty ravaged my body.

Aside from board games, video games are the only socially acceptable toys for adults.  When I got Guitar Hero a few Christmases a go, it was like being a kid all over again.  Some of the magic of Christmas returned.  I had something to play with!  It wasn’t useful like a cork screw or a cookie sheet, which are good gifts.  It was frivolous and fun.

I recommend that every adult put at least one frivolous gift on their Christmas list.  Something they can use that day.  Sure you might need a new juicer, but wouldn’t a board game be more fun?

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