Christmas Countdown: 29 Shopping Days Left

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Let the holiday panic commence.

Yes, a month seems like a long time, but if you are like me, time passes by so quickly, you barely even notice it. Maybe it’s just because I’m a busy person. I rarely get bored these days, which is a good thing.

I already have 5 social engagements on my holiday calendar and that doesn’t even count the holidays or my trip to see my boyfriend. In that month, I also have to work, do chores and indulge my writing addiction.

It’s a good thing I don’t have children. I wouldn’t have time for them. I kid!

What I don’t have time for is trudging all around the greater Sacramento area in search of Christmas gifts. It’s a way more efficient use of my time to shop online. I’m going to be on the computer anyway. I mean let’s be honest; I can’t give up the computer.

However, that means I need to get my shit in gear and get to it because shipping needs to be factored into the shopping equation. The longer I wait, the less chance that free shipping will be an option. Nothing annoys me more than wasting money because I’m lazy…except bad drivers.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown: 29 Shopping Days Left

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