They call it witchcraft

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Halloween, costumeAs a child, I never wanted to be a princess. I wanted to be a witch. Needless to say, it’s my go to Halloween costume. And no, I don’t need to sex up my witch costume. I’m sexy and I know it.

Even as a teenager (and yes a little as an adult), I was fascinated by witches. They have magic powers. They get shit done. They don’t take crap. Sure they are sometimes evil, but there are evil princesses too. OK, I can’t think of any fictional versions off the top of my head, but I’m sure the image of a princess doesn’t exactly do wonders for female self-image. I mean they are usually in need of rescuing. Witches almost never have to be rescued. They get themselves out of danger most of the time.

Sure, witches have had a bad rap in the annals of history, but isn’t that really just some form of sexism? Aren’t (or hopefully weren’t) people threatened by the idea of a strong woman? I’m not really sure why men (or other women) are threatened by a confident, independent woman, but that seems to be the case throughout most of recorded history.

My favorite example of witchcraft is in the movie Practical Magic. Yes, I’ve read the book. It’s nothing like the movie. I like the idea of a woman who can conjure up things. I like the idea of a woman being able to defend herself. I also like the idea of a bunch of women coming together to help out one who needs it.

I don’t need a fairy godmother. I need a wand. Well, the really good witches didn’t even need wands.

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