Bored this week? Play a Halloween game!

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Starting last Friday, there’s a phenomenon that happens only around Halloween.  You might be walking down the street to get to your office or just meandering through the Target parking lot when you notice something odd about someone… They are wearing a cloak. Then you realize that it’s Halloween, but then you look more closely and they are wearing jeans and a hockey jersey.

The gal at the ATM is wearing pajama bottoms and fuzzy slippers…

Is that a costume?

Halloween, fall, costumes, funSince Halloween is on a Thursday this year, you have quite a long time to play this game.  Most people had parties this weekend, but they also have business gatherings during the week.  So, while you are going through the motions of yet another work week, take a moment and look around.  That person trudging along the sidewalk with blood on his shirt might be in a costume…or he might not…

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