>Balloon Injures Two at Macy’s Parade – Yahoo! News

>I totally called this! Ok, I said that a balloon would fly away, but getting tangled in a street lamp is close enough.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Christmas is right around the corner!

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4 thoughts on “>Balloon Injures Two at Macy’s Parade – Yahoo! News

  1. christhestampede

    >lol; that was the first thing I thought of when I saw that on the news! I thought “Holy shit! I’ve gotta ask this gal for some lottery numbers!” No, seriously, I never learned to count, so I have no idea what valid numbers might be, and after being embarassed for trying to play “Eleventy” I haven’t played the lotto since…

  2. Sonic Reducer

    >I was at the parade yars ago when Spiderman (I think) Knocked a light down a put a lady in a coma. It was right across the street from where we were. And this parade like most others in NYC is really really crowded. Too many people for my tastes.


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