Assumptions de Mayo

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Being single, many acquaintances assume that whenever an alcohol fueled holiday comes along I am going out to celebrate it.

Um. No.

Put on your party hat!

Don’t confuse being single with being in college. Crowds annoy me. Drunk crowds scare me. I barely went out on the amateur partier holidays when I was in college. Why would I go out when I’m in my 30s? So I can be the creepy gal drinking by herself in the corner? No thanks.

Then again, the people who make assumptions about me really don’t know me that well. My real friends know that if I wanted to go out and have a good time, I would just do it because I wanted to not because some random battle was won 150 years ago or some beatified person chased reptiles out of a country.

If you do see me out on Cinco de Mayo, it’s because it’s Saturday and I’m bored not because I’ve been tricked by some slick marketing campaign that I should be getting drunk on tequila.

Watch out for that super moon tonight. It will probably make you crazier than a dose of Jose Cuervo. Just me?

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