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I love to bake. But apparently, I’m old school about it. I thought I wanted one of those shiny Kitchen Aid stand up mixers, but since I’m not married, I never asked for one as a gift.

Yes, I know. I can buy one for myself. Thanks for pointing that out.

Regardless, I don’t want one anymore. They are evil.

Seriously, a hand mixer is better. The stupid beater of the stand up thing is ALWAYS IN THE WAY. Sure it takes half as long to mix the ingredients, but I feel like I’m cheating.

Plus the machine weighs like 8,000 metric tons. I feel like I need to visit the chiropractor after getting it out of the cupboard. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to smash and appendage in the part that flips up because who remembers to lock the thing? Not me.

Did I mention that the goddamn beater is always in the way? I have dirty measuring cups to prove it.

And the scraping…oh the incessant scraping!

I don’t have to do that with a hand mixer. I just move the beaters along the sides. Job done.

The Christmas cookies will be sprinkled with a little more frustration than normal this year. But that’s why they always taste so good. Frustration and carbs go hand in hand.

2 thoughts on “>Appliances need not apply

  1. Susan

    >this is why ours lives on the counter! (course….I don't really know how to use it. it is hubby's toy!)
    in other news…..how are those pinwheels coming along?

  2. Ms. Chick

    >They will be done soon! Did I mention those cookies take 3 days to make? At least the hard part is over…rolling them out was like a 10 minute arm work out. 🙂


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