Apocalypse now?

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Mostly cloudy with a chance of doom

Mostly cloudy with a chance of doom

The other day someone said, “I think the world was supposed to have ended at least 4 times in my life.”  I think that might be about right.

The thing is that no one ever gets the math correct.  Someone always forgets to carry a one or puts a decimal point in the wrong spot.  Oopsies.

Paul said that he’s going to an End of the World party tomorrow.  While I wonder just what that might entail, I also wonder why such a party wouldn’t be tonight.  I mean, you celebrate the New Year the day before, why wouldn’t you do the same with the Mayan Apocalypse?  All the hub-bub is because the calendar ends, right?  So in a way shouldn’t such a party also be the day before the end?

So far, I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary.  No one on the other side of the Date Line or Prime Meridian has had any issues.  I mean even back in the 80s they would have known by now if something was amiss.  Remember that movie Night of the Comet?  No, of course you don’t.  I’m pretty sure I was the only one who watched it.  In the movie, they were concerned because they had lost communication with the part of the world where Haley’s Comet had already passed.

Then again, weren’t the Mayans in the Central Time Zone?  Not that Time Zones existed when they were beginning their long count or whatever.

I’d say that Night of the Comet and Shaun of the Dead are probably my favorite end of the world type movies.  Maybe I’ll figure out a way to watch those tomorrow.  Or maybe I’ll just enjoy the winter solstice and watch something Christmasy like I usually do at this time of the year, end of the world or not.

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