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My Favorite!

Summer is almost over.  School is starting for some children.  The NFL pre-season has commenced.  The Halloween stores should open in a few weeks.  And while the upcoming holidays and traditions hold a great amount of joy for me, right now I am happy because I will get to use my autumn purse!  I cannot wait 43 days.  Come September 1st, I will bust this thing out.

Where did I acquire said purse?  At a farmer’s market in Vancouver, Washington.  The gal who made them had some cool album cover bags too.  Of course, there is no tag inside and I cannot remember the chick’s name who crafted the handbag, which is a shame because I enjoy her work.

Finding a good pocketbook is a challenge.  For me, it’s almost as bad as trying to pick out furniture.  I know what I want and I can never find it.  Also, I refuse to settle.  However, if someone gives me a purse for a gift, I will inevitably love it.

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