>More thoughts on the gasoline crisis

>I’m using the term “gasoline crisis” because it is one for me. As I was driving to the store this morning, I was thinking about how I could possibly conserve gas. Out of nowhere, a huge white H2 appears in my rearview. He starts flashing his headlights because I was going to slow. Then it hit me…that’s the answer. Go slower. Not only do people have to stop buying those monstrous SUVs, but they need to slow the hell down.

I was a little kid when the gas crisis hit in the 70s, so correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they impose the 55 mph speed limit to conserve gas? Maybe we should do that again. I’m pretty sure it’s scientific fact that going slower uses less fuel. It’s seems that a new campaign should be started, a protest if you will. Slow down, drive the speed limit or slower. Don’t give the oil companies anymore money than you have to.

I think it was a huge mistake to raise the speed limit. I think doing that might have contributed to the rising cost of gas. I know there’s a war. But, this gasoline price problem was going on before the war started.

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  1. Mike Abernathy

    >It was partially due to the oil crisis of around 1973-76 or so. The reason it lasted as long as it did, however, was more due to traffic safety. The estimate was that it saved about 10K lives per year.

    The reason it was removed had to do with the inability to enforce it. States were in danger of loosing their highway money if they didn’t keep people slowed down, but they couldn’t afford the number of cops it took to do so.


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