>How much less can I drive?

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>Any ideas on cutting down on gas consumption? I’ve read all the lame ass Yahoo tips. I need some real world examples.

Right now, I’m done with going out to lunch. Unless I can walk there, I can’t afford to drive my car to the various local eateries anymore. Walking is tough at my house because shit is so far away. At work it’s a bit easier on the feet, but the homeless will harass a single walker, especially of the female persuasion. Trying to find a walking budding can be tough.

No more impulse shopping trips. I’m going to have to actually need more than one item before I spend the gasoline to get to the store.

I refuse to go over the speed limit. Since I don’t have any fires to put out, I also refuse to get to the speed limit as fast as possible.

I do have alot of stuff in my trunk. Cleaning it out will probably only help with the gas mileage. If I had a tire gage, I’d check my tire pressure regularly. But then again, I probably wouldn’t know how to inflate my tires if they needed it.

Someone in my office said her family spends about $1,000 a month on gasoline on their two cars. That’s almost how much I pay for rent!

3 thoughts on “>How much less can I drive?

  1. Carlos Rivera

    >We spend about $100.00 a week for gas. I think I’m going to buy a motorcycle but I don’t know how to strap down the baby seat?

  2. SFChick74

    >It’s out of control and has been that way for too long.

    You could always get one of those sidecar things. I’m sure a baby seat would fit in that.


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