Winter Beverages: Irish Coffee

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Irish-Coffee-Recipe-NonChronNow that the cold temps are upon most of us, it’s nice to have some warm adult beverages to sip. One of my favorite hot drinks is Irish Coffee. While this hot alcoholic beverage was actually invented in Ireland, the beverage’s popularity in the United States can be traced to a bar/restaurant in San Francisco, The Buena Vista. I’ve been there and had an Irish Coffee. It’s a very San Francisco place.

It’s this compact space that’s a combo of suits and black sweaters. You can feel the history in the walls. It’s sort of a tourist spot since it’s near Fisherman’s Wharf and a cable car turnaround, but don’t let that stop you. The weather in San Francisco is almost always great for a warm drink. There’s something about the fog that makes it a romantic place to visit.

I’m not a huge whiskey fan, but I do like Irish Coffee. It’s a great brunch beverage too. I can’t drink sparkling wine and I don’t like Bloody Marys, so when the weather is just right, I’ll order an Irish Coffee.

I remember going to brunch on a rainy fall day with a friend once. Luckily, the restaurant was just down the street from home and I had walked there. I was feeling adventurous and wanted a cozy beverage. The gal behind the bar made the perfect Irish Coffee. I barely tasted the whiskey, but I certainly felt it! Pretty sure I had two because I remember feeling pretty good later that morning.

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It’s a warm, cozy drink perfect for a chilly morning or evening. You can easily make one at home. If you have a Keurig coffee maker, you don’t have to brew a whole pot of coffee. You can make individual servings of Irish Coffee very quickly.

I have one and love it! Just brew the cup of coffee and put in sugar & whiskey. The tricky part is the cream, but I use whipped cream because I’m not that much of a purist and it tastes good to me. Because when it comes right down to it, whether you like the drink or not is what matters most, not whether or not the drink is made in the “correct” way.

Likely you already have the ingredients for Irish Coffee in your home. Coffee, whipped cream, and sugar are pretty common. Maybe you don’t have the Irish whiskey, but I think you might be able to substitute whatever whiskey is in your home bar.

Some people use a sugar cube in their Irish Coffee. It looks fancy, but who has those at home unless they are for some sort of school project the kids have to make? In California, you might have them if your kids are in the 4th grade. Hello, Missions made out of sugar! You can easily substitute granulated sugar in the Irish Coffee recipe. The recipe is below. Enjoy!

Irish Coffee
Recipe Type: Drinks
  • 1 jigger Irish whiskey
  • Strong black coffee
  • 2 teaspooons sugar
  • 2 teaspoons fresh whipping cream or double cream
  1. Fill glass with very hot water to pre-heat it, then empty.
  2. Pour in hot coffee & stir in sugar until dissolved, the glass should be about 3/4 full
  3. Add in whiskey
  4. Top with cream. Use spoon to float the cream. Place the spoon above the liquid so that it’s resting on it and pour the cream on to it so that it overflows into the coffee drink. Gently slip the spoon out of the drink so the cream rests on top.

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