>The Fridge & the Single Gal

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>If someone were to look solely at the contents of my refrigerator, they would be able to tell that it resides in a single person’s house.  Even after spending $100, there still isn’t anything in there to put together an actual meal.

Aside from the two kinds of beer and four bottles of white wine, the entire contents of my fridge consist of quesadilla fixings, a half used tub of cream cheese, a giant can of coffee and 8 containers of yogurt.  Sure, I’ve got a condiment or two in there as well as a half dozen eggs about to expire.  And the freezer has various frozen Lean Cuisine meals for lunches as well as a frozen lasagna or two on the off chance that someone might end up at my house for dinner before I can get to the store and pretend like I always have real food on hand.

Granted, I do have some dry goods like jars of spaghetti sauce, random cans of French Onion soup, and a box of risotto that is supposed to be a side dish, but I eat like a meal in my pantry, but that’s not technically part of the fridge. 

It’s tough when you live alone and almost never have company to get into the habit of buying food that creates a meal with a main dish, veggie and starch.  Maybe I should just get into the habit of cooking so when I do have someone for whom to cook, I will actually be half decent at it.  I can always freeze the leftovers.  I just have to get past the “it’s too much effort” mindset.

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