>Old Favorites – Flashback Time!

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>For those three of you five readers who are relatively new to my blog, I thought I’d dig up a few of my personal favorite rants and/or random posts.

Holding is for Chumps. Seriously, why not leave a voicemail?

What happens when Marketing Hacks Strike Again?  I get annoyed, of course!  Now that I think about it, the more often they choose poorly when selecting a song on a commercial, the more writing fodder I get.  Choose on losers!

Sometimes I Eavesdrop on people.  Other times, I just think random stuff.  Can you figure out which is which?

While it might not be as dramatic as quitting on the job and jumping down the emergency chute, I have an Airline Story where someone abruptly demanded to get off the plane.

And then there’s Random Things Heard in the Office  and More Things I Overheard at places I no longer work.

And for whatever reason, my Fabio Quotes of the Day posting gets a few hits from random people Google searching for quotes by Fabio.  Why you would be searching for a quote by a male model is beyond me.

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