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>Is it possible for men to be quiet? I don’t mean not talk.  I mean be freaking quiet.  Those monasteries with vows of silence are probably loud as fuck even though no one is speaking.  This evening I was sitting at my sister’s house just watching my male relatives.  From age 2 months to 60 years they are all noisy. 

If they aren’t talking too loud, they are shuffling, grunting, listening to music or TV that everyone else is trying to ignore, moving some piece of furniture, throwing something, or yelling.  Three women can sit in a room and have a conversation while a baby sleeps within five feet of them and never wake it up.  When three men of any age are in a room together, I can’t even hear myself think much less understand whatever it is they are saying.  They all talk on top of each other while creating the cacophony previously mentioned.  Are all men like this or is it just my relatives?

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