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>The other day I went to Michael’s with my mom.  I’m not crafty in the sense of creating crafts, but they have some cheaply priced candles and random baking gadgets that catch my fancy from time to time.

After perusing the Chinese made Halloween trinkets, we wandered down the baking aisle.  Some official Michael’s employee was busying herself with the Dora the Explorer pans while I was checking out the fondants.  I hate fondant by the way.  It looks nice on a cake, but tastes like crap.

Regardless, my mom and I were talking about upcoming birthdays in the family and thereby trying to plan the various cakes that would need to be baked and the logistics involved.

“Ugh.  I hate non-stick pans. Sister got me a non-stick cake pan for Christmas when I specifically said NO non-stick on the cake pan on my list.”

I hear the gal giggle at my peeve.  It always surprises me when people find my annoyance amusing.  Mostly, people get annoyed that I am annoyed, but of course I kept going to see how far I could go before both the gal and my mom started to get annoyed.

“They never actually keep a baked goods from sticking to it.”


My mom, I can tell is starting to get annoyed that I’m complaining about a gift from my sister.  Granted, I never complain about her gifts.  She’s a fabulous gift giver.

“I had to use a knife to get a cinnamon roll loose and now it’s all gouged.  That crap will flake off during the next baking cycle.”

Outright laughter.

At least someone appreciated my point of view.  My mom just starts pointing out the fact that there are few pans to be found sans teflon.

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