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>One of my goals is to become a better cook. It’s not really a resolution since I started this a couple of months ago. Being that I’m single and abhor being alone on a Friday night, my parents come over each week to sample one of my experiments. Plus, it’s just easier to cook for three than for one.

What I have found is that it’s not so much the actual preparation and clean up that annoys me as much as the time management. If someone could tell me when to peel the potatoes and when to chop the onion, so that every thing gets done at the same time, that would make the whole cooking process easier. What usually happens is that the meat takes 15 minutes longer than expected and the rice ends up being overcooked or cold.

Granted, I’m not going into this completely untrained. I watched and helped my mom cook dinner for years. It helps that I’m not a fan of fancy stuff. I like simple, preferably one dish meals. Most of my problem is probably attitude. If I could just think about it with positive results instead of worrying about negative ones that haven’t even happened, things might turn out better.

2 thoughts on “>As Domestic as I Get

  1. Peeved Michelle

    >I like to prep every single thing I can first, before I start any of the cooking. I am not a great cook and this helps me tremendously.


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