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>Part of what makes dating difficult for me sometimes is that I want a guy who is a deep thinker, but has a great sense of humor.  In my limited experience, these two things don’t go hand in hand. 

Sometimes I want to have deep meaningful conversations about life and God and the synchronicity I encounter on a daily basis. Then I want to quote movies like the Hangover and Big Trouble in Little China.  I want to sing along to ABBA and make chocolate chip cookies.  I want to watch the Soup.

Is it possible to find a guy who will at least put up with my mercurial nature?

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2 thoughts on “>What a Gal Wants

  1. SFChick74

    >Yes, I'm aware of having to deal with his craziness too. My relationship track record has been such that he usually bails before I have had a chance to even figure out his brand of crazy. Maybe it's for the best.


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