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>I honestly can’t even count how many times I’ve been dumped.  In the last three months alone, I’ve been rejected by five men.  Before that, since I’ve been in the dating pool (we’ll say 20 years) it’s probably closing in on the high teens.  Needless to say my heart is somewhat fragile.  You would think I would toughen up and be able to better handle rejection, but I think it’s getting worse.  I’m trying to change my mind about relationships, my attractiveness and the whole mess. 

Here I thought I was finally gaining admittance to the couples club with the latest guy that I haven’t been writing about on here, but now it looks like I misread the signs.  Granted, I might be jumping to conclusions (and really hope so). 

We’ve been chatting for almost a month now.  I called him today to schedule date number 3, but no call back.  If I don’t hear from him by Monday, I’m going to put my online profile back up.  I might even include a warning notice  that says if you date me, you are subject to being fodder for my blog.  Not that any of my dates have read this blog, at least that I know of anyway.

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