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>Today is a first!  I have a guest!  OK, a guest post.  It seems that all my frustration with the whole dating thing has inspired a fellow blogger.  I hope you enjoy this post by Ms. Munchie.

I will be the first to proclaim that my 40s have been my best decade. It’s the decade where, if you are lucky, you will still be in good enough health to do what you want, hopefully have the job and money to do fun things, and you know who you are as a person. I’ve been blessed in that I’m healthy, employed, own a home, and have friends and pets. I don’t have a significant other. I’ve had a few lengthy relationships over the last decade since my divorce, but currently I’m on a dry dating spell.

You’ve been reading about Ms. Chick’s online dating as a woman in her 30s. Let me tell you, it’s not a pretty picture in your 40s. Seems like the good ones are taken and all I come across or that show an interest in me are out-of-shape couch potatoes. I am a busy girl with lots of interests. You better keep up with me. You also have to be fit because I’m shallow enough that I don’t like extra poundage.

Recently I had an epiphany that shocked and saddened me. I’m 46 but because of my Eurasian mix, I look 36. And my brain is stuck at the age of 36 too. I went to an event and was introduced to some single men in their early 50s and they looked it. I get depressed to realize I am now at the age where my traditional dating age bracket reaches into the 50s!

It suddenly hit me why men (and now women) date much younger people. For years it was always the Dirty Old Men. (We women fare better with being called Cougars.) I was like so many others who had a bit of disgust at the idea of a 50 year old dating a 20-something. But now I can relate! I realized that a lot of it is probably just the innocent fact that they still think of themselves as young! At 46 I’m not looking with interest at the 50 year olds. I’m looking with interest at the 37 year old because that’s where my brain-age is!

My friend, Mark, told me last year that I’m not a cougar because I’m not aggressive enough. He said I just paw at the prey and he called me a lynx instead. I’m beginning to think I need to learn to pounce.

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