>This is not dating advice.

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>The other day my sister and I were talking about my latest dating frustrations when she said something that changed my perspective.  She told me that it’s not always easy even if you do end up dating for a long time or getting married.  Things don’t always go smoothly even if it was meant to be. 

I knew it!  I knew those people who told me that “when the right guy comes along it will be easy” were full of crap.  My sister said, if you want to be put on a pedestal and treated like a queen or princess then that’s probably what will happen because odds are you are dating beneath you. 

I have never in my life wanted to be treated like a princess or a queen.  Hello?  If I were royalty, would I be cleaning my own toilets and taking out my own trash?  No!  The thing is I don’t really mind doing those things. It’s empowering to accomplish household chores and it’s great exercise. 

Plus, I don’t want to be treated like some untouchable deity figure thing.  I am a real person with thoughts and feelings. I want to be a companion and I certainly don’t want to date beneath me.  What is that?  Dating someone who is not in your league to put it politely.  Not to say that I’m some raving beauty, but I certainly can’t fathom the idea of dating a guy I don’t find physically attractive, but pays a lot of attention to me.  And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Basically, all those dumb rules about dating are just that…dumb.  Do what you makes you happy and have no regrets about it.  Let’s see if I can remember that next time I become smitten with a beau.

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