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>The other day a friend told me that I should “put myself out there” in order to find a boyfriend. Now, I’ve heard this saying for many, many years, but I have no idea what that really means.

Yes, I just googled it. Apparently, it means to draw attention to yourself. I’ve never really been big on attention. It’s a bit scary. I always worry that I will get the wrong kind of attention, so I try to fade into the background.

I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my dating issues are because of my lack of self confidence. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. I think I’m worthless crap who doesn’t deserve to find happiness, and so I don’t. Hence, my addiction to misery.

Recently, I’ve decided to change that terrible monologue in my brain to one that is more positive…one that I would like to happen, to be true. I write this hoping that someone else will read it and realize that they have a choice to think positively too…not just about their love life, but about every thing.

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2 thoughts on “>Thinking Too Much

  1. Miss M

    >I love positivity! 🙂 It's so enjoyable to be around people who do their best to have a good attitude. When I first met Mr. B if someone asked him how he was doing, he'd smile and say, "Best day of my life!" That was one of the first things that I found so attractive in him. 😛

    Anyway, I agree with the "getting yourself out there" part too, except I take it to mean "put yourself in situations where you will meet the kind of person you want to meet."


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