Sex Education: You need lube

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Let’s be serious for a moment. There are things about sex that no one really tells you. Likely, it’s because of all the taboos around it. But, we’re all grown ups here and I’d like to pass along some of my experience and knowledge.

I don’t care what your age is, I highly recommend you incorporate a lubricant into your sexual repertoire. Sure, some condoms come pre-lubricated, but a little more can only help. Believe me. Sex is way better with lube.  It’s also not just for coitus. It can be very fun in some pre-coitus situations.

Not convinced?  I interviewed Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright and she had some interesting insights:

Astroglide Gentle1) What are some common misconceptions regarding personal lubricants?
People incorrectly think that they’re for only for people who have trouble getting wet, esp. those going through menopause, or that lube is only useful if you’re interested in safer sex or anal sex.

2) Are they any health benefits with regard to personal lubricants of which most people might not be aware?
For many, sex would not be possible without the use of lube. For some, orgasm would be very difficult to realize without incorporating lube. In general, using lubricant makes for greater pleasure, which equals better sex for a lot of people. Having a thriving sex life can result in better health.

3) How should someone approach their partner about using personal lubricants?
You can take a carpe diem approach and just take it out w/o saying a word, applying it confidently and as if it’s no big deal (which it isn’t). Your partner will quickly discover why this is a must-have enhancement. You can also mention that you’d like to experiment with lube, given you’ve heard about all of the ways it can enhance sex, like greater sensations and ease of stimulation.

4) Why would (or should) someone use personal lubricants?
Simply, using lube makes sexual pleasuring easier and better. It enables lovers to provide better touch and to more easily react to stimulation. Everything feels smoother, silkier, nicer… And who doesn’t want more of that in the sack?

Astroglide recently came out with a Sensitive Skin version of their lubricant.  At first, I thought it was a little too sticky and didn’t last very long (it seemed to dry out quickly, however, I’m a bad judge of time passing), but as I was tooling around on the Astroglide website, I took the Naked Truth Quiz and learned that lubes can feel different to the same person on different days.

However, we tried it again on another day and it was pretty good.  The nice thing about this new version of Astroglide is that it’s made with botanical ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Vitamin E. This formula does not contain alcohol, glycerin, fragrance, or parabens that are common causes of skin irritation. If you go over to the Astroglide site, you can get yourself a free sample.

Also, never be embarrassed if you are buying lube or condoms. Be proud that you are a responsible adult and hey…you’re also getting laid.


Note: I received a free sample of the product from Astroglide to review, but was not otherwise compensated.

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