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>Today I realized why it’s better to surf the web to look for love than to have a friend or relative set you up with a date.  When you allow yourself to be set up, you can’t express your true feelings about the first glimpse of the other party unless those feelings are positive…which they won’t be, of course. 

If you don’t have a poker face and your friend or relative can tell you are not interested in the person behind the Facebook profile presented to you, just remember that there is no one to guilt you into a date if you sign up on a website.  There is no one to plead the case of the unattractive as his being a great guy who treats women like princesses.  Note to any of my friends who might be reading this post, using that princess argument doesn’t work on me.  I’m an adult woman who wants to be treated as such, not like a helpless little girl who can’t take of herself. 

Also the “it’s nice to have references” argument is weak.  References are nice, but they aren’t what ultimately gets you the job.

If by some miracle the other party is attractive, odds are they won’t be attracted to you.

Friends & family, if you are hell bent on getting two people together, it’s best if you set up your acquaintances without their prior knowledge of the event.  Get the people in a room together and see if anything happens, but don’t try to force the situation.  Dating is already tough enough without having an audience.

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  1. Anonymous

    I've had a lot of potential relationships torn apart by well-meaning people not liking that the two of us (myself and whoever, each time) were similar in personality…in fact, one settuper (made up word, of course, lol) even told me that a couple should be as dissimilar in personality as possible, where more similar was a bad thing?!
    Thanks for your article.
    I saw it on "Frank"'s tweet. LOL

  2. Ms. Chick

    >Thanks for the comment!

    Dissimilar couples sounds like a bad idea. It seems to me that people need to have something that clicks to make the relationship work.

  3. Anonymous

    >You're welcome!
    I forgot to sign off as "TJ Freezin".
    Yeah, most of the folks they tried to hook me up with who I didn't want, I later found out were sun sign Libras, Scorpios, or Aquarius.
    I don't get along with those people, long-term.
    (I was already discerning the crap before I knew their astrology sun signs)

    I think people falsely think that since opposites attract, that they're also the most likely to stick together.
    Research shows that opposites are in fact the most likely to attract, but research also shows that they're the most likely to divorce (based on percentages, not total numbers).

    Ok, thanks for allowing me to blab a lot to get that crap off my chest.


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