>Schadenfreude, anyone?

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>Maybe this isn’t exactly pleasure derived from the misfortune of others, but when someone send me a message like the one below, I feel better about myself:

Mmmmm where have you been hiding. talk to me

And here I thought my initial messages to guys were crap because my response rate is low.  At least I don’t say something as lame as that message!

It’s the “I can’t be THAT dumb” mentality. Honestly though, there are probably times when I am that dumb…I just hope they happen when I’m home alone and no one sees it.

1 thought on “>Schadenfreude, anyone?

  1. SFChick74

    >What's even funnier is that if a hot guy had said this to me in person, I'd probably fall for it. OK, maybe not a total stranger, but definitely an acquaintance.


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