>Polite or Rude? You Make the Call

>The other day I sent a hello message to a guy via an online dating site.  Now, I looked at his profile and he said he was interested in women 3 years younger than me, so I figured maybe he had a margin of error built in like I do.  While my range is about 25 to 45, there is always an exception to be made if I catch a guy’s fancy who is outside those boundaries.  Everything is negotiable, right?

Anyway, he replied to me and said, “Thanks, but I’m looking for someone closer to my age range. Good luck with your search.” 

Guys, NEVER tell a woman she’s too old for you, even if you are trying be polite.  Do you tell people, “Sorry, but I’m looking for someone who is a little more fit/active” or “Some guys might think you’re pretty, but you’re just not my type.”?  No, you don’t. 

If you feel the need to say, “Thanks but no thanks,”  then that’s all you say.  In most cases, you haven’t even conversed with this person, so they don’t need constructive criticism or closure.

2 thoughts on “>Polite or Rude? You Make the Call

  1. Miss M

    >First off, you look fabulous for your age. That guy is a douche. I'm with you – three years outside of an age range is nothing. Now if it starts at 18, then yeah, pedophilia is no good, but for the 30-something set, it's really not that big of a deal. His loss.


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