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>For some reason (probably user error on my part), I am still getting matches from eHarmony. One guy I was matched with said this about the most influential person in his life:

Charlie Chaplin: A true rags to riches story…a man with great talent and uncompromising principles who was able to entertain a world that grew to love him, but was also willing to challenge that world to fight the injustices of imperialism, fascism, and hatred. Anne Frank, Thomas Jefferson, and Eleanor Roosevelt are the best runners up for inspiring and providing a strong sense of freedom and individuality.

Most people say someone they actually know like a grandparent, sibling, or teacher. Plus, didn’t Charlie Chaplin marry a 16 year old girl? That screams integrity.

I’ve noticed on a few personals that guys describe themselves as being goal oriented. Note to single men: That’s just stupid. Is that something you enjoy about your friends? I really like hanging out with Jack. He’s so goal oriented.

Also a note to single women: Be wary of guys whose photos are only of them in sunglasses and/or with a hat on. It has nothing to do with the amount of hair a guy has. A person’s look is greatly altered by the addition of a hat. Putting on sunglasses covers up the eyes, which we all know are windows to the soul. And if I can’t see into your soul, I can’t see you.

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3 thoughts on “>Personals Fun!

  1. indygirl

    >Ah! Online dating is such a rich source of material. I love how one can put “Jesus freaks need not apply” in the text and then the responses received are “Yes, I am a Jesus freak, but I am a really nice one if you give me the chance.” Ugh.

  2. mikey

    >i personally love the people who list “sex” as a hobby. like, duh.

    or this one – “i work hard, but i also play hard.”

    or this one – “i feel just as comfortable in a tuxedo as i do in a t-shirt and jeans.”

    like, sheaaah.


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