>Online Dating: The search change up episode


Falling into a rut is easy when you are roaming the wilds of online dating. Burnout occurs fast. Tired of scrolling past the same 100 guys every night, I thought I’d see what the Reverse Match had to offer. 

Unfortunately, the first 10 guys in my results made me want to throw in the towel on dating altogether. Because I don’t have the right kind of daddy issues, men who are over 55 don’t appeal to me.

With a heavy sigh, I clicked through to the next page. One of the risks of using the Reverse Match is that you only get the people looking for you. You can’t screen out the ones with whom you might not want to get entangled…like the Currently Separated. Luckily, I tend to check that out like I look for a ring on a guy’s left hand.

Back to my search results, I scrolled past men who hadn’t been online in weeks, when I clicked on a guy who looked interesting. His profile was short, but he had more than 1 photo and it looked like he played football in college. Inspiration didn’t strike me and I noticed that he was only 24 which probably meant I’d just get rejected again, so I just clicked back to my search results to see who else I could see.

Then I noticed the little email icon at the top of the page. Intrigued, I read the email…from the 24 year old Football Player. It was a short, incredulous message questioning the presence of robots on dating sites. Normally, I wouldn’t reply to a message half the length of a Tweet, but I was curious.

I looked to see if the Football Player had in fact viewed my profile, but nope, not in the result set. Now I was slightly annoyed & frustrated. Another non-entity was contacting me for nefarious reasons…when I realized that he had to have read my profile. The bit about robots was at the very bottom.

Is the software on the dating site faulty? Now I can’t be sure that someone who contacts me did not actually read my profile. And maybe no guys are looking back at me because they can’t see that I looked at them. Let’s just throw more confusion into an already fretful process! Yay!

Do you really want the latest stats?

Views: 20
Initial emails Sent: 1
Initial emails received: 2
Replies to me 6
Replies I sent: 5

Did I mention I moved on to the text message phase with the Football Player? I still have reservations about him being a real person. He seems a little too good to be true. Of course, I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop, which I shouldn’t. I should just enjoy the attention being paid to me by an attractive male.

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