>Online Dating: The one where you can hear crickets


Seriously, what is going on with the men in Sacramento? My profile has been thoroughly looked at, but none have taken the chance to contact me this week. Should I dumb down my profile? All the women reading this just cringed.

Let me rephrase that…I’ll bore up my profile. It will still seem intelligent, just not witty, funny, or very interesting. Maybe if I blend in with the crowd a little bit more, men will be less intimidated to actually contact me.  Then again, maybe they are all just schmucks.

Let’s recap what we already know:

Views: 34
Emails sent: 0
Emails received: 1
Replies to my emails: 0
Winks Received: 0
Suspected Robots: 1
Possible Pervs: 4*

The only email I received was from a guy who didn’t even look at my profile yet mentioned looking at it in his email. Hello, robot!

I haven’t sent out any new emails because well, I don’t want to waste my monthly allotment before the next month is up. From what I’ve seen online, people hang around for a while. Granted, I still have 16 days left in my first month…

The Robot in the Fedora did look at my profile once since last I logged my activity, but no subsequent message. Doesn’t really matter. This time next week, maybe I will have met someone at the Sac Singles Tweetup! Or just roaming around De Vere’s…

*Just in case you were wondering how I classify the pervs, let me remind you. These are guys who have no photo posted on their profile.

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