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>For those of you who haven’t dabbled in the online dating world, or if you are lacking a few social skills and keep being accused of acting creepy or desperate , I’ve created this easy to follow list:

Level 1 = The wink or the first email.  Depending on your level or laziness/creativity this is how it all begins.

Level 2 = Emailing.  I don’t do the IM.  There are too many creeps out there and I’m not drunk/lonely enough to deal with them most of the time.  This level should last about 5 to 8 emails each.

Level 3
= Phone call.  Can an intelligent conversation be held?  This level may be skipped if enough emailing has gone on to discern a level a normality.

Level 4 = Meeting in person.  Was all that online chatting lies or is this person really as interesting as they seem?

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