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Readers you should know that the other day I committed a cardinal online dating sin. I forgot that I’d contacted a guy and sent him an email like I’d never communicated with him before. I swear I’m not usually that kind of crazy. Can you ever forgive me? My brain has been addled by work stress and hormones. I thought the guy looked familiar, but I didn’t think I’d contacted him.

Clearly, I have been doing the online dating thing too long. I’m running out of men in the greater Sacramento area.

Also, it should be noted that while Match only keeps your emails around for 30 days, it does not forget that you’ve already sent them a message. So that double message I sent didn’t even count towards my five monthly messages.

I would also like to state that I hate the phone interview portion of online dating. Can we just meet in person instead? I don’t like talking on the phone to most of my friends & family, why would I want to chat with a total stranger? Texting is fine. I can do something else while I think of a witty reply.

The other day I had a phone date with a guy and I’m pretty sure it did not go well. Why? Because he never actually asked me out and he has yet to contact me again. Of course, when I heard that he had only been divorced for a few months, I inwardly cringed. Sorry, but I’m not a rebound chick. Go a hire a professional for that. I don’t have time and energy to waste while a guy finds himself again.

So, should I be more picky about who I contact? It seems that sometimes I feel too picky. I feel like I’m staring at the menu at the Cheesecake Factory. Overwhelmed by the possibilities, when in reality I’m going to have one of the same five things I always have. Hello, Factory Burger & Godiva Cheesecake!

1 thought on “>Online Dating: Hello, Embarrassment!

  1. Courtney

    >The number of eligible, non creepy men in Sacramento is sad. And you're right, being on a site for so long you being to see the same people. It's inevitable, but also annoying.

    Also? What is this Factory Burger I keep hearing about?


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