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>So far as celebrity look-a-likes go, I’ve had Kenny Rogers (the singer) and Al Borlan from Tool Time hit on me online. Al had a picture of his late wife in the photo. It doesn’t make him more attractive to me. If anything, it kinda freaks me out. I know everyone has issues, but you don’t need to put them on your personal ad for the entire world to see.

I also wonder what the percentage is of people on these sites who are totally lying. Not about their age, but about their marriage status, kid status, or even just hobbies and/or job. I barely remember the jobs of people. I could care less. Actually, that’s not true. I’m not that into guys who are teachers. I just don’t see why a guy (or any other sane person) would want to be a teacher. They get paid shit and have to work long hours. Although they do get their summers off…

I’ve also decided that I am going to seriously start looking at guys under the age of 25 because they are less likely to have children. It seems like people get bored around here and start having kids at 26.

Plus, I’ve realized that I actually look young for my age. A lady at work said to me, “You must be the youngest person in the company.” I go, “Uh no. I’m 31. Bobbi is because she just turned 28.” Not only that, but I’ve seen quite a few photos of men around my age (30-33) and they look like they are in their 40s. Of course, they could be lying, which blows my whole theory.

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2 thoughts on “>Online Dating – Day 14

  1. Nick

    >I don’t share your opinion where teachers are concerned. As a matter of fact, I’m generally “Hot for Teacher”. I support your idea of looking at men under 25. Not only is there the chance they haven’t knocked anyone up yet, but they can also still be molded somewhat (assuming you’re into modling men.)


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