>Online Dating Chronicles: When Technology Attacks

>You know how everyone is addicted to Pinterest? OK, not everyone just women and mostly it seems like it’s heroin for married women. Anyway, the other day, I saw a tweet asking if anyone pins online dating photos…

This scares the crap out of me. Mostly because I assume that the online dating site I submit my photos to is controlling who has access and the ability to download them.

So, of course, I had to try it out. And…you can pin someone’s photo from a Match.com profile to Pinterest.

I have noticed more and more men taking an interest to Pinterest. (Pardon the rhyme.) I’m just worried that some people (men and women) might start pinning photos of potential dates…possibly even making fun of them.

Because let’s be honest, there are a lot of stupid things to make fun of in the online dating world, but taking someone’s photo and putting it on a different site can be a tricky thing. I try not to share photos that I think are weird or scary. Sure, I’ll describe them to you, but capture them? No. Words are a different matter. You can’t tell who someone is by looking at a dumb piece of text…mine or theirs.

Right now, a search for date or dating on Pinterest mostly shows crap from couples.  Be warned if you are single, you will be inundated with save the date ideas and something confusingly Christian called “Dating My Husband”.  Also, most of the date night ideas…for married people.  How and why that annoys me is another blog post altogether.

1 thought on “>Online Dating Chronicles: When Technology Attacks

  1. Samantha Lynn

    >When you Pin something, it links directly back to the person's profile… So anyone can email them, stalk them, harass them… That's bad. I make fun of bad profiles ALL THE TIME, but I always remove any info that could be used to contact them (unless we're laughing at a bad screen name) The whole thing does seem really creepy…


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