>Online Dating Chronicles: The when should we meet episode


Yes, yes. It’s been a week since we last visited my adventures in online dating throughout the greater Sacramento area.

A month has passed since I opted in for Match.com’s 6 month challenge. How many dates have I gone on? ZERO

The only interesting thing that has happened is that I’ve been texting with the Football Player. It’s been a week. (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

While I appreciate the attention paid to me, I’m itching to meet this guy in person. I’m just never satisfied am I?

Even though I’m trying to be more cool & casual with him instead of my usual Benny the Cat from Looney Tunes attitude (which way did he go, George?!? which way did he go?!?), isn’t this the reason why we all joined up? It’s all about finding someone who seems sane and interesting enough to meet in person and possibly hangout with for an extended period of time. Love? Yeah that might happen…I guess. We all know that I fall in love too easily. I’m a sucker, what can I say?

This weeks stats are pretty lame. Granted, I haven’t been as active as I have in the past. Life was busy for me.

  • Views: 34
  • Initial emails sent: 1 (Month 2 started yesterday. Refund??)
  • Initial emails received: 1
  • Replies received: 0
  • Winks received: 4
  • Suspected robots: 2
  • Possible Pervs: 4

So, now I’m wondering. When is a good time to secure a date? How long should you communicate online before you meet in person? I used to think it should be 4 to 6 emails. That’s usually about a week of interaction. Any more than that and it feels like a waste of my time…like I might be just a distraction from a guy’s current girlfriend/wife. Am I too eager to jump to the First Date step? Guys, if you have any feedback on this, I would really appreciate it.

Just in case you were wondering, I’m NOT sitting by the phone waiting for the Football Player to suggest a date. Since Month 1 is done, I will be actively emailing other potential dates. Waiting is not my strong suit…even if I didn’t have the 6 Month Challenge presented to me.

2 thoughts on “>Online Dating Chronicles: The when should we meet episode

  1. Yes Mom I'm Still Single

    >You're definitely not too eager to jump to the first date step. I might be on one end of the spectrum (and girls surely have to worry about creeps more than guys do) but I usually don't go longer than 1 email before asking a girl out. I just feel like it's impossible to really get to know someone very well via email/text and so I'd much rather move right to meeting up. But then again, I'm still single, so why the hell are you listening to me?

  2. mj

    >I'm sitting here trying to construct analogies or an argument to support the "how long" question. I'm struggling to do it succinctly, so for now, I am abandoning that tack, and will make just it a declaration: More messages is better than less. The more give and take in the medium of words, the more sure you are of qualities of your Target, the more heightened each's interest becomes. By the time you meet, there shouldn't be much doubt that compatibility exists. Let your relationships develop in pixelation first, and from that batch, pluck the best one. It requires time.

    Really, good luck in your Search, Ms. Chick.

    mj (mjvernon.com)


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