Online Dating Chronicles: Twitterpated

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I cannot believe twitterpated is a real world, but my roommate assures me it is…and that it predates 2007. Regardless, it probably best describes my feelings and couldn’t be more poetic for my current situation.

Apparently, it’s true that good things come to those who wait and I’ve been waiting a hell of a long time for something this wonderful to happen to me. Part of me keeps worrying that I’m going to jinx things, but at this point, I think that might be an irrational fear.

It’s also interesting that the personalities of the people I follow on Twitter and then have met in real life are the same. Obviously, I had some reservations about meeting a random guy for a whole weekend that I only knew through a social media site, but it’s only because I’ve been burned so many times in the past in more traditional means of dating.

Also, thank you to the idiot men who dumped me. If you hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t have taken this huge risk/leap of faith and met Paul.  Meeting him was the best thing to happen to me. I still can’t believe how lucky I am.

While the bouncy, naked, yum-yum nights were spectacular, it was the moments of laughter while clothed that made me realize that this was a guy who I need in my life.  I’ve never felt more comfortable with anyone else either.  I feel like I can talk to him about anything and he feels the same way about me.

It’s so odd and wonderful to have a guy I like, like me back. I’ve heard tales of this phenomenon, but have never before experienced it.  I think I might have thought I experienced it once only to be proven wrong.  I don’t think I’m wrong this time.

How do I know he likes me? The things he’s said and done. Little gestures of care that make my heart swoon. They’re probably meaningless to everyone else, but to me, they send me over the moon. Which reminds me… I had been talking about how there was a blue moon on Friday and the bar we were at didn’t have Blue Moon available, so I said offhandedly, “I’ll just have to wait until we get home to have one.”

I completely forgot I said that until after we got home. I went to the restroom because that’s my habit when I walk in the door, came back to the living room and there sitting on the coffee table was a Blue Moon waiting for me.

Blue Moon

What will happen next? Who can say? All I know is that I’m going to travel 1,500 miles to see him again in a few months. I’m not going to fret about anything beyond that.

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