Online Dating Chronicles: Swoon!

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Sigh...When was the last time you swooned? For me it was last night, but I really was swooning last week. The fact that the possibility of a future with me was even mentioned makes me unbearably happy. I know. I shouldn’t read into it. Then Friday night I had a quasi-Bridget Jones moment. My initial reaction to both of these moments one of sheer joy. There was no lengthy analysis of the words he sent me, I just reacted. I wish he could have seen the smile on my face and the joy in my eyes. He will soon. I’m trying to enjoy this preamble. I’m not trying to over analyze or wallow. I just am.

I’m almost convinced that everything happens for a reason. If things turn out well, then I’ll believe it. At this point, I’m glad all of those idiot guys disappeared on me. I would have been wasting my life with them instead of being with someone really great. I wouldn’t be spending a fabulously sexy weekend with a guy who has truly made me laugh. The best thing? When I make him laugh. That really turns me on.

Regardless of whatever happens, I just hope he has a good time. Sure the first few hours could be awkward, but we’ve got all weekend to get comfortable. If he doesn’t jump on the first plane out of Sacramento on Saturday morning, I’ll already be doing better than I did on all of my dates over the last two years, combined.

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