>Online Dating Chronicles: It should be just for grown-ups


You know what I’m sick of? Dating boys. I don’t want to date boys. I want to date men. I keep looking for men. I go out on dates with what seem to be men, but turn out to be boys.

I have met real men. They are few and far between. You know how I know they are real men? They treated me with respect. They acted like a grown up. They did things that were difficult, but necessary.

They send me an email telling me that they met someone else before we could meet in person and can’t chat with me online anymore. Thank you.

They call me and tell me that they won’t be able to make a planned activity even though a simple email would have sufficed. Thank you.

If you dump me respectfully, I won’t hate you.  I’ll be disappointed for a bit, but I’ll get over it.  If you disappear into the night like a thief with nary a word to me, I hate you. I probably won’t get over it, so don’t ever run into me.

Being that I’m a woman, I want a man. Boys can stop wasting my time. I’m not a silly girl. I know there are men out there and I’m off to find one.

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