>Online Dating Chronicles: Gentlemen, start your engines!

>Previously on Limit Reached, I was navigating the wilds of the dating world in Sacramento. I am happy to tell you…we are now in the final stages of the 6th Month Online Dating challenge.

Today is Day 4 of Month 6. I’m that much closer to the free 6 month subscription from Match.com and I’m no closer to being in a relationship than I was this time last year…much less 6 months ago.

What gives?

For some reason, this “month” has 3 extra days in it. The previous five were all 30 days long. What gives? Can we just end this torture now and give me my free stuff?

In other news, a guy is trying to give me the old “I called you and left a message, but never heard from you” routine.

While we all know that technology is glitchier than hell, I know this guy didn’t call me. He probably called some other woman and accidentally emailed me wondering why I never responded. This isn’t the movies. Poorly constructed plot twists don’t happen like that.

And if you are wondering, I called him out on it and replied.  Well, I was a little nicer than that on the off chance that some dumb rom com moment actually did occur and it was an innocent mistake.  Do I expect to hear from him?  About as much as I expect to hear from all the other men I’ve gone out with over the last two years.

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