>Online Dating Chronicles: Experimenting with Algorithms


Technically, my 6 month subscription is up today, but for some reason, Match decided to have a 33 day month this month. Whatever, the next 6 will be free, but I’ve already started to mess with the computer.

First, I lowered my height. I’m 5’8″ which in and of itself isn’t hugely tall, but throw on some 3 inch heels and now I’m almost 6 feet tall. So, I tried doing what I’ve hear 99% of the people do online…I lied. I was hoping I would get some new blood or at the very least an uptick in activity. No such luck.

So, my next change was to lower my age. I only lowered it by 5 years. I’m 37, but look younger. I figured I could get away with 32. It’s not like the guy I saw who was claiming to be 45 when he was obviously in his 60s. Life could not have been THAT hard on him. Then again, maybe he was a sun worshipping chain smoker who drank too much.

Regardless, I thought my lack of views was because men have these dumb numbers stuck in their heads with regard to age. The thing is when you meet someone out in a bar…their age isn’t plastered across their body like a scarlet letter.

But again, no luck.

The only time I see an uptick in activity is when I tweak the text in my profile. It seems to shoot me to the top of the results page. Because I know all of you people are too lazy to sort by activity date, which would be the smart thing to do.

Think about it. The newer folks are freaked out by the whole online dating experience. It’s like someone in a new town looking for parking. They are slow. They are scared. They are confused and I still can’t get them to go out with me.

So now what am I going to do?

I think the Match system is set up for failure. 5 emails a month is nothing. Up it to 2 each week and I will probably see more results. Granted, I’m going to be single for the rest of my life, so I am doomed to fail. What I need to do now is to figure out my next goal. Maybe I’ll stop reaching for a relationship that’s never going to happen and just try to achieve a date. It’s tough because the relationship thing is hardwired into my DNA.

I would do a review of each date, but honestly I usually have a good time on my dates and that makes for a boring blog post.

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