>Online Dating Chronicles: Actual Messages


Sometimes I wonder if people are stupid or just crazy.  While you might think I’m making up half of the things I complain about that I come across in the online dating world, I’m just not that creative.

Yes, I know I’m picky, but these are legitimate grievances I am airing on my blog.  I’ve already given you some proof and OK Cupid keeps giving me more to share with you.

Below is a few of the actual messages I’ve received since signing up last week.

Wow! your eyes are very beautiful!!! Hows your day ? Why so amazing and not taken???

U look great, I meet u n Vegas!!! What happens n Vegas stays n Vegas lol!!!

hi; I have seen your profile, you have a gorgeous smile and beautiful long hair; very nice!

Hello,  you are a sexy woman and you have a fantastic smile and sexy curves! kisses for you

What the hell?  I already shared the message from the so called adult film star.  Ew, a thousand times, ew!

Not to mention the myriad of “Hi” or “How you doin” messages.  Seriously, I’ve swooned more over a simple tweet and the guys on dating sites are not limited to 140 characters.

I’m not asking for something eloquent.  I want a quasi-intelligent message.   The way to my heart is through my brain.

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