>Online Dating: A brief year in review

>It just hit me yesterday that I’ve been doing the online dating thing for a year straight.  What do I have to show for it? 12 guys and 16 dates later, my heart has been broken twice…and that’s about it. Yet, like a crazy person I keep getting back out there in the hopes that the next guy will be different. The next guy will actually want to be my boyfriend.  Being single is an alternative I choose no more.

Surfing through the profiles, it’s like a snapshot of utter boredom.  OK, maybe the guys aren’t boring, just poor at expressing themselves through the written word.  I’ve tried to be more open minded, but each time I ignore my instincts thinking I’m being judgmental, they prove to be correct.  Too few pictures, doesn’t adhere to the unwritten rules of polite email behavior, not much text in his description, these are things of creeps or the casual.

I know that the right people show up in our lives at the right moments, but I’m so sick and tired of waiting.  I have been waiting my whole damn life.  Well, maybe just since I was 13, but that’s one hell of a long time.  I’m also tired of complaining of the same shit year after year.  I swear if I knew how to find a date in real life, I would abandon the dating websites once and for all.  It’s like a second job, but one that plays on all my insecurities and doesn’t seem to help me grow as a person.  Then again, I probably wouldn’t until I was in an actual relationship.  I mean you have to use all available resources in order to be successful, right?

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