>Online Dating: The argument for being picky


Logic really doesn’t seem to fit in the realm of dating. Why people behave the way they do is a mystery to both sexes. Since rejection is a huge part of dating whether you are using technology or not to find a mate, I have been thinking that it’s time to for me to be more picky about which Sacramento area men I date. 

That doesn’t mean I’ll out and out reject a guy who is only marginally interesting to me. I’m just going to narrow down my search criteria because online dating is like work. I don’t have time to sift through the 2,000+ men who show up in my results when I loosen up my stats.

One of the problems is that the different criteria used to sort through profiles doesn’t include personality traits like honesty, maturity, and politeness. I mean where is the asshole potential filter? Being 5′ 11″ doesn’t exempt a guy from being an asshole. Guys, I’m sure would like a psycho bitch ratio.

Plus, it seems that it makes more sense for me to be picky. Why give my heart away to just any schmuck who stumbles through my awareness? Isn’t it better to be alone than to be tortured by a bad relationship or even the aftermath of a good date who suddenly goes MIA? Of course, all that torture makes for good writing, but I have a feeling my friends are sick and tired of hearing me whine about yet another idiot.

Also, idiots don’t have brightly lit neon signs warning you to steer clear of them. If only Bill Engvall had been able to pass out a few of them, I might have been able to avoid some stupid situations. Yes, I know people always give you hints about how they are going to treat you or how they really act, but my own personal fears always cloud my vision, much like everyone else.

You know what would be nice? Having a chaperon on the first few dates. Not because I want to make sure my honor stays in tact, but because I need a third party opinion about the behavior of my date. Obviously, I am a shitty judge of character when it comes to men, so I need independent verification of potential asshole-ness.

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