>No parking in the Friend Zone

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>In the world of dating, no one wants to be put into the dreaded Friend Zone. It’s like the Twilight Zone, only stupider.

So the other day when I saw this tweet, it got me thinking:

I don’t have any male friends who aren’t married or already in a relationship. In fact, since I first felt the harsh winds of puberty ravaging my body, I haven’t considered any males who could potential dating material to be a friend.

 I used to worry about this…why are all my friends only female. Why couldn’t I just be friends with guys?

Now I realize that I’m normal. I can’t be friends with a guy. Odds are I’ll end up wanting to date him.  Sorry, but Meg Ryan’s character was wrong in When Harry Met Sally.  Women cannot be just friends with men just like men cannot just be friends with women.

If I didn’t have morals, I’d probably be all over the guys I know already in a relationship with someone else, but I like a clear conscious. Believe me, life is stressful enough without purposely stealing someone else’s man or being a homewrecker. I’ll take spinster over homewrecker any day.

2 thoughts on “>No parking in the Friend Zone

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