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>Why did I even bother filling out the profile & preference information?

I’m not sure what mapping software the online dating site uses, but I’m pretty sure Oakland is over 25 miles from Sacramento.

Also, I really don’t want to deal with guys who are just “separated”. Get back to me when the paperwork has been finalized and the documents are fully executed. I’ve heard the “separated” story (married or dating) too many times to fall for it online.

Use of the word “gots” will “gets” you no response from me. I’m trying to be more open minded when it comes to spelling and grammar, but the line has to be drawn somewhere.

While I appreciate photography, I’m really not interested in multiple vacation photos of nothing but landscapes. Photos are for me to see what you look like. And what’s up with no photo guys? In this day and age, everyone has a camera on their phones. The only reasons I can think of not having a photo is that a guy is lazy or trying to hide from someone.

I’m also wary of guys who use superlatives…you know, “I’m the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.” Jerk alert! If you really are nice, you don’t have to say it, especially that way.

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