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Believe me, I know how difficult the first message to a potential date can be.  Fears can run rampant through your mind.  I’ve sent messages to more guys than I can remember, but I would hope that my efforts are a little more well received than the attempts I’ve received below:

  1. You Look Cute .! still available ? email me back.
  2.  Online it said you desire of sex is this true. or did i read wrong.
  3.  tell me more about yourself
  4.  You are way to pretty to settle. Care to chat?
  5.  Do I get a response??
  6.  You are attractive……………………………..
  7.  i gotta risk it for the biscuit

I kind of feel sorry for some of these guys, but pity won’t get you a date…at least not from me.  A few of these attempts to gain my attention don’t feel genuine.  Some of my messages to guys have been kind of random, but I did put some thought into them and used decent punctuation skills.  That should count for something!

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