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>Today was a pretty good day.  Unexpected little gifts from the universe came into my life.  These things don’t mean much to you, but they are little moments of joy for me. 

The first was when I saw my favorite donut at the grocery store.  They usually have a chocolate covered old fashioned donut, but this time it had sprinkles.  I’ve never seen it have sprinkles before and that was a moment of joy.  Let’s be honest.  Things are always better with sprinkles.

The next was when I accidentally flirted with a guy who was probably barely in his 20s.  It was not even 8:30 in the morning.  An usual time to see anyone on a Saturday, but even rarer is the single male under the age of 30 at the grocery store.  It was nothing short of a miracle that I actually made eye contact with him (twice) and smiled (as he smiled back and maybe even nodded).  It must have been some sort of instinct because I was only half awake and suffering from a lack of caffeine.  

Regardless, I don’t recommend being flirty before 10 AM or at the very least before a cup of coffee.  I had a mini freak out in the juice and cracker aisle when the realization of what I just did in the grocery store hit me. Now when I think about it, I’m glad I had that moment.  A guy clearly quite a bit younger than me found me momentarily attractive regardless that my hair was a quasi-greasy mess and my makeup was minimal.

As many songs that can be found on iTunes and various other shopping sites, there is still a song I cannot find to purchase.  When Dreams in the Dark by Badlands was being played on the satellite radio, I had another moment of pure joy…singing along in the car on a sunny day in January.

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