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>Thank goodness for online dating.  If there weren’t such a thing, I have no idea how I would meet single men.  Seriously.  When I was away from it for years did I have a date?  Well, maybe one, but that’s not really a good track record.  In fact, since I left high school, all of my dates, except that one, have been the result of finding the guys online.

I do think there should be a new rule of thumb when it comes to online dating.  Write your profile such that if I read it, I would instantly want to meet you.  Heck, I put alot of time and effort into my profile.  When I see a guy whose profile obviously hasn’t been updated in the last few months (eg. “The last season of Lost just started…”), unless he is totally hot and I’m tipsy, I don’t attempt to contact him.

In fact, if a guy doesn’t don’t ask me to meet him after 3 emails each, just forget it.  I’ve gone out with two guys where we exchanged two messages each and met.  Both were great dates.  Unfortunately, neither of them turned out to be my soulmate or even a boyfriend.  Then again, isn’t most dating advice bunk? 

Think about it.  They tell you to put yourself out there.  Then they tell you that you will meet someone when you stop looking.  Uh, that seems a bit contradictory.  But who said anything about dating was logical?

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