>It’s Probably A Cop Out…

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>But, I think I will become a nun. I’ve threatened to do it before. The problem is that I’m not a fan of the Catholic Church. Can I be a nun and not go to Mass? Do other religions have nuns or nun-like jobs?

This always happens when I go out on a limb and show my interest in a guy only to be shot down, again. How many times must this happen to me before I learn my lesson? Can I please just not care anymore about finding a mate? Clearly I’m going to be single forever, so can I just be OK with that?

I’ve tried to think positively, but I’ve been thinking negatively for so long that it’s easy to fall back into the habit of beating myself up mentally.

One good thing, I didn’t invest much time in this venture. A friend of mine was dating a guy for 5 months when she found herself head over heels for a guy who announced that he didn’t think she was the one and never really saw himself getting married anyway. Why would it take someone that long to figure that out? And why put it in such a harsh way?

I respect the guys who right off the bat announce that they are not looking for a long term relationship. Thank you for not wasting my time! Good luck finding some girl with poor enough self-esteem to not care about that.

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